Here are some examples of what our customers had to say about their jewelry:

"There isn't a design on here I don't love, and mine is my new favorite thing to wear. You know how sometimes handmade necklaces hang funny and you have to keep adjusting them? Not these! I don't have to fiddle with it at all, and it doesn't get tangled in the back of my hair either. Important thing when you work outside in the wind!" –Amanda

"It's so pretty and I love the wire cord. I love the scribbly etching around the hen and you've done a great job with the soldering. So sturdy and clean." -Melissa

"I first saw Christine’s necklaces at a silent auction. One was a pig, one a chicken, and one a cow. I really wanted the cow but was overbid. So, after the auction, I contacted Christine, and she kindly agreed to make another cow necklace for me. I love it when people ask about it because it gives me a chance to say that it is in honor of the cow I sponsor at SASHA (Sanctuary and Safe Haven for Animals) Farm in Manchester, Michigan. I gladly wear my Design Specimen necklace to “speak for those who cannot.” –Patti

"Christine, I want to thank you for your diligent efforts to get the personalized "vegan" necklaces to me in time for my Daughter's graduation party. The necklaces were so cute and even better with their names on the back. They were very surprised to get them on such short notice and I was grateful that you were willing to work against the clock for me. Best of luck in your business venture. I'm sure that if you keep up your great work ethics you will be very successful!" -Linda

"Love this message as much as the design. A beautifully crafted yet sturdy piece of jewelry that I'll be wearing often. Thank you so much for making this!" -Valerie